Welcome to Copper Claims Services

Welcome to Copper Claims Services

Welcome to Copper Claims ServicesWelcome to Copper Claims ServicesWelcome to Copper Claims Services

• Reliable Loss Valuation

• Business Interruption

• Salvage Management

• Complex Loss Management

• Subrogation

• Mediation/Settlement

• CAT Response

• Investigation and Evidence Review

• Recovery

Copper Claims Services excels in providing custom claims solutions for Property and Casualty, Transportation and High Net Worth, with an emphasis on Specialized Programs. Our extensive and diverse background allows our staff to fully understand the needs of our customers and how evaluations should be presented. We pride ourselves in being a trusted resource for specialty programs. These programs are not to be handled by any independent adjusting firm. It takes the proper background and experience to handle these losses successfully.

In addition, we understand the complexities that the Private Clientele can bring and pride ourselves on providing concierge customer service as an extension to the promise made by the insurance carriers that write this business. Similarly, we excel in our understanding of Public Entity losses engaging in business with several Joint Power Associations across California. Copper Claims Services has staff to support the JPA and District needs throughout the life of the claim and understands the complexities in working with several different District departments towards the same goal of claim completion.

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